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Veterinary services
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icon Veterinary services
июн 07, 2018 16:17

I'm a veterinary student in Romania. I'm a dual citizen US/Romania. As a vet I can work anywhere in the EU. I don't speak much Greek, yet. A veterinary career in Romania is very bad with pay lower than one can live on, plus there isn't much interest in companion animals. I have a very long history of going to Greece on vacation since I was a kid, love the place the history the people. I'm not in the clouds I know every place has its problems, bueacracy and social differences I've lived all over the world. I also have 15 years expierence as a vet nurse in the states and 3-4 yrs as a paramedic. I also have 2 children 1 and 3. Sorry had to paint a picture fist:) Finally my queztion...I would like to start a practice on Crete, is this idea a total fail or would be able to sustain myself maybe even flourish? I would plan to live year round, I know the winters are dull but I like that, I have even experienced it. Any insite I would greatly appreciate.

Please help.

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