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Dog name: GUINEA
Home dog name: Nika
Breed: German Spitz Small
Birthday: 28-01-2009
Sex: female
Growth dog (cm): 28.50
Pedigree number: RKF 2428770
Tatu: NOY 471
Work book #: 927/14
Dog level: A3
Hits: 2756


NameSportsmenTrackAmount of fineAmount of timeTotla place
Первенство России по аджилити РКФ 2016
18-06-2016 - 19-06-2016
Russia, Пермь
Krivosheeva Ekaterina
Russia, Perm
Agility-3, Jumping-32.5648.56Снят
Krivosheeva Ekaterina
Russia, Perm
Agility-3, Jumping-30.00100.273
Championship of Russia RFCs
01-08-2015 - 02-08-2015
Russia, Perm
Chirkova Anna
Agility, Jumping8.0041.00Снят
Фестиваль кинологических видов спорта "К...
30-08-2014 - 31-08-2014
Sharapova Jana
Russia, Perm
Agility-3, Jumping-311.6879.574
Russian Championship RKF
05-07-2014 - 06-07-2014
Russia, ATP Nafanya , MO, Serpukhov District , d.Truhachevo
Katutis Angelina
Russia, Perm
Jumping-3, Agility-3122.5333.53Снят
Katutis Angelina
Russia, Perm
Agility-3, Jumping-35.0377.7718


Russia, Perm
Katutis Angelina
FCI World champion: Individual 2005 (Sheltie Paynery) Team 2004 (welshterier David) Several times winner of AWC Jumping (Sheltie Paynery and Adrenalin...
Russia, Perm
Sharapova Jana

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08-01-2013 РЫЖЕЕ ЧУДО МОН ШЕР АМИ 3 2

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