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eForum is a forum component for Elxis CMS that supports many features required in order to run smoothly a forum application at your site. Thanks to the eForum documentation team a complete user guide is available online at Elxis Wiki web site to answer any question you may have regarding eForum usage. You will find all articles that consists the eForum online user guide under the Eforum category. If you can not find an answer to a question at the wiki site you can post your question on the Elxis CMS forum.

A few pages from the online user guide

BBCode syntax

eForum uses BBCode instead of HTML to format messages. The table bellow displays the BBCode tags you can use to beautify your posts.

BBCode syntax
BBCode tag BBCode syntax Result
b [b]Bold text[/b] Bold text
u [u]Underline text[/u] Underline text
i [i]Italic text[/i] Italic text
url [url=]Elxis CMS[/url] Elxis CMS
size [size=4]Bigger text[/size] Bigger text
color [color=red]Coloured text[/color] Coloured text
img [img][/img] image
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
quote [quote]Quoted text[/quote]
Quoted text
code [code lang=php]<?php echo 'hello'; ?>[/code]
<?php echo 'hello'; ?>
email [email][/email]
idea [idea]Brilliant idea[/idea]
Brilliant idea
info [info]Information text[/info]
Information text
warning [warning]Warning message[/warning]
Warning message
help [help]Help message[/help]
Help message
youtube [youtube]youtube_video_id[/youtube]
Youtube video

eForum by Component eForum for Elxis CMS
Автор: Ioannis Sannos (IOS)
Лицензия: Creative Commons 3.0 Share Alike
eForum документация: eForum wiki
Загрузить: Elxis Downloads Center


Особая благодарность людям ниже, принявшим участие в развитии eForum.
Stavros Stratakis - Разработка расширений для eForum
Spiros Panagiotakopoulos - eForum документация, eForum logo
Nikos Vlachtsis - eForum документация

Copyright © 2008-2019 Ioannis Sannos (Is Open Source). All rights reserved.

Powered by eForum for Elxis CMS. Copyright © 2008-2019 Is Open Source.


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