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Training a Dog
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icon Training a Dog
Jun 14, 2018 09:02

Some of you may recall my fiancee and I adopted a very cute pup almost a year ago. He's almost a year old and we now know he was not a lab/cocker spaniel mix, but he now looks/acts like a boarder collie with something mixed in. That being said, he's grown to be bigger than we were expected and he has quite a bit more energy than we expected - actually a LOT of energy. Long story short he's developed some bad habits and it's been challenging to correct them despite our efforts. I wanted to hear what some of you do to train your dogs?
His bad habits are:
Jumping on the couch (he does this regardless if we're on it or not)
Stealing things and making us catch him (he doesn't ruin the items)
Jumping up to the counter to pull down towels (he won't take food or any other items - just towels that are close enough to get without putting his paws on the counter)
Jumps on new people and us when we come home from work
Doesn't come when he's called
Border Collie's are known for their energy and intelligence and I guess since he's not even 1 - these probably aren't too bad. However, we've trained him for weeks with treats and some days are better than others - but the problems persist. We've debated getting a shock collar as a negative for items where he knows he's in the wrong (e.g. jumping to the counter, coming when he's called, stealing items). But we would rather not go this route and even if we did - we're not comfortable using a shock collar when he's doing unwanted actions simply because he's excited to see us or new people ... this would communicate being excited is bad and we don't want to do that. Thoughts welcome!

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